hello, my name is andrea. this is a place where I share my work, share the photographs I take and things I want to remember.

I am: a mover, a shaker. polaroid picture taker. one part freelance photographer, one part writer, one part teacher, one part (modern) dancer, one hundred parts mama. kidding about that last part. well, not really. I live in portland, oregon with my spectacularly bearded husband and two kids in a small house filled with too many collections and probably too many legos. 

I love:  instant photography and lists that tell stories plus old school photobooths and movement as art plus vintage everything, lemon sugar anything (and a few other things).

find my work: on the pages of UPPERCASE magazine (where I'm a regular/core contributor) and in this here flickr set (until the finishing of my ever elusive site is complete).

other places: instagram, twitter, flickr, pinterest

purchase: prints of my work for sale in le etsy shop

contact: hula70 [at] comcast [dot] net

I'm happy you're here. I really really am.