mover, shaker, polaroid picture taker. writer of words, shooter of film, lover of the most modern of dances.

one part freelance photographer, one part writer, one part teacher, one part dancer, one hundred million parts mama. kidding about that last part. well, not really. my name is andrea and this is a place where I share my work, share the photographs I take and a few things I want to remember. I live just outside atlanta, georgia with a spectacularly bearded husband and two kids in a house filled with too many collections and probably too many legos. 

find my work: on the pages of UPPERCASE magazine, where I'm a core contributor and in this here flickr set (until the finishing of my ever elusive site is complete).

other places: instagram, twitter, flickr, pinterest

purchase: prints of my work for sale in le etsy shop

contact: andreacorronajenkins [at] gmail [dot] com

you know what? I'm happy you're here. I really really am.